Florida Shiranui Mandarins

    The Siranui is a seedless, sweet variety of a mandarin orange grown in north Florida, a hybrid cross between a Ponkan Tangerine, Satsuma Mandarin and a Trovita sweet orange but to cut a long story short, they’re simply delicious. They’re trademark name is “Sumo Mandarin” or “Dekopon”. The fruit has a rough and knobbly skin which is extremely easy to peel, they are oversized and have a large protruding bump near the stem that resembles the top knot hairstyle of a Japanese sumo wrestler (hence the trademarked name). Shiranui’s flavor is a rich mandarin orange honey flavor and considered to be one of the most flavorful citruses in the world and as an added bonus, they rarely produce seeds.

    Sold only as a 20 lb case. – EVENT PICKUP ONLY

    Approx 30-40 Shiranui Tangerines in each case depending on their size during harvest.

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